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Quick & Professional Locks Rekey Fountain Hills

Rekeying residential and commercial locks service available 24/7.

When you need your home, office, or car locks rekeyed by a trusted professional, call Fountain Hills Locksmith 24 for quick rekey locks service 24/7. We have extensive experience rekeying all types of home and commercial locks and work hard to make sure the job is done right the first time. If you are still using the same key someone passed on to you when you moved into your home, apartment, or other property, think about how many other people might have access to the same lock. You need to re-key those locks so that only you can open those locks! Our Fountain Hills rekeying specialists can take care of any lock rekey for your home, business, or vehicle, and at the most affordable rates.

Hire a Rekey Specialist

When you decide to re-key your locks, you need to remember that all the old keys will no longer work in the same lock. Rekeying locks involves changing the inner mechanism in the lock so that only a new cut key can unlock it. If family members or friends have an old set of keys to your door, you will need to have a new set of keys made for them. Our technicians can assist with all types of rekeying and key duplication.

We suggest to rekey locks when:

  • Have lost your keys
  • Have changed roommates, housekeepers, or other key holders
  • Are dealing with a break-in
  • Are moving into a new home, office, or business
  • Haven’t changed or rekeyed your locks in several years
  • When you want to use one key on several locks

All types of home and commercial locks rekeying by professional locksmiths

Fountain Hills Locksmith 24 is your best choice for all types of re-keying projects. Our skilled technicians can rekey any lock and also assist with high security lock installations, master keys, and other lock systems. We have the advanced tools and equipment needed to rekey locks properly so that you have a completely new key for your existing locks. We can also install, replace, and upgrade different types of locks to increase your safety and security.

We offer the following types of lock re-keying services to residents and business owners in Fountain Hills: 

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